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Zenia Marshall is an emerging Canadian independent alternative-pop singer-songwriter and a professional film/tv actress known for her works as one of the leads of the «Date My Dad» TV series alongside «7th Heaven’s» Barry Watson & Hollywood legend Raquel Welch, the movie «Summer of Dreams» supporting lead to and singing alongside 80s pop princess, Debbie Gibson, and as a recurring guest star on CW’s «Supernatural». Although new as an original artist to the world of recording, Zenia is a stage vet having sung and toured worldwide in her mom’s internationally acclaimed Tina Turner Tribute show since the age of 13 and has since headlined in numerous musical runs, cover bands, theatre act shows, and as an Ariana Grande tribute artist herself. Zenia releases her new dark ethereal multi-genre single, «Heaven and Hell», on February 12th/2021 and her music video on February 26th/2021.
«Heaven and Hell» is a vulnerable song about a consuming love that holds the power to bring the best of love and worst of pain into one’s life – consisting of heavenly haunted vocals, echoing lush beats, swirling pads, twisting ambient strings, and power rock ballad influenced guitars – creating an abstract ethereal blend of experimental dark tinged alternative indie pop amongst a hybrid of other genres and sounds.